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Deepak, why do you say that Auto debit for credit card bill payment shouldn't be used.
Paying your credit card bill by using the Auto debit feature, by paying the bill on due date from your savings account with the same bank is a good feature to avoid late payment and other charges.
However when there's a dispute on the Bill, or you've been wrongly charged, then if auto debit is active the money simply moves from your bank account to pay the bill.
The other thing to consider is there should be sufficient balance in your account.
Most people after Auto debit is active forget to check their bills, except for a seleifew, who have a habit of checking every entry in the bill.
There's this recent case of a lady who swiped her card on a flight and instead of being charged 200 Rs she was charged 200$
She came to know about this only when she received the bill !
Now she's running around to get this corrected.
So if you're choosing Auto debit, be careful and track your billing regularly.

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